Meerkat Streuobstwiese

Meerkat Streuobstwiese

orchard meadow

Urbanity seeks diversity

“Anything that is against nature will not endure in the long run” (C. Darwin).

Our lifestyle is not sustainable in the way we have led it for decades. Let’s take small steps of change!!!

We are on our way: The project “orchard meadow” was planned in 2019/20 and partly already successfully implemented. So far, 20 fruit trees have been planted on 1500sqm of leased meadow area in Bochum. We want to make a positive contribution to our environment with this project. Ecology and economy can be sustainably combined here. Besides the benefit for the people, the orchards are also an important part of the biodiversity. We would like to support this regionally with this small project.

This spring, the project is to be supplemented with a wide insect strip. In the meantime, a beekeeper and his colony of bees have settled in the orchard meadow. The meadow orchard offers something special in every season. In spring, nature awakens and with it all the animals that have been in hibernation. The trees get blossoms and provide food for the insects. In summer you can meet animals like butterflies, birds and bees there. Autumn is the time of harvest. Fruits that lie on the ground serve the animals that live in the immediate vicinity of the meadow. But even in winter some birds feed on grains in the seed stalks.

All interested people are invited to look at this meadow, stay there and also harvest fruit at harvest time for their own use.

The address is: Castroper Hellweg 675 in Bochum (On the same side as the garden and landscaping Jacunski, who also partly takes care of the meadow)

December 2021 – Amelie Holstein

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