Spaß bei Soulworx


Heroines and Hero’s Journey with Julia von Winterfeldt

We got to know Julia von Winterfeldt and her team from SOULWORX in 2019/2020 when they accompanied the Purpose Journey for VISUS Health IT GmbH. This experience had a lasting impact on us and confirmed our belief that the economic success of a company does not depend solely on economic growth and stability, but equally on connecting people, its impact and essence, and the goal of bringing people as a whole into harmony with their actions.

We are deeply convinced that human beings need a meaningful task in order to develop their full potential. This conviction connected us with Julia then and now.

In our view, the orientation of meaning toward the inside of the company brought with it a differentiation toward the outside. The team was able to get to the bottom of its own impact and reflect on this in a moderated way. In doing so, Julia was also concerned with contrasting the individual sense with the organizational sense and creating commonalities from this. In our eyes, she succeeded very well in this.

On the trip, it was important to Julia to track down the meaning or effective power of the individual in the work context and to connect these to form a whole. Perhaps we were also able to put the misconception that income is the main driver for commitment and performance in the work context into perspective a bit with this trip and bring other drivers into focus.

In retrospect, we have learned how important it is to work out a statement of purpose in the team and to communicate this internally and externally. However, it is much more important to visibly exemplify this again and again in everyday life and thus to make it tangible and present again and again.

Certainly, today we see that many companies have recognized this path and have taken it with their teams. We are sure that these companies can report the same or similar positive effects in the corporate culture. We have understood that Purpose is not the result of successful work, but its foundation. Becoming even more aware of this and sincerely transferring Purpose into daily actions has become a major concern for us.

The journey with Julia was in many ways complex, exhausting but at the same time inspiring, focusing and in our eyes led to a greater connectedness in the company.

In addition, I went through the integrative Self-Leadership Program with Julia, one of the leading experts in the field of Human Leadership, which helped me a lot in my reorientation and my personal positioning in building up the new company meerkat Holding. I am inspired by her statement “Success comes when you do what you love” and connect with her in deep gratitude for so much meaning orientation within this training program.

I would like to thank Julia von Winterfeldt and can give an absolute recommendation when it comes to strategy and purpose guidance for companies and teams as well as for all self-employed people, executives and Next Gen Leaders who define leadership not as a position but as lived emphatic behavior.

February 2022 – Amelie Holstein