Quhr Opening

Quhr Opening

Opening Ceremony of the Quhr – Smart Health Hub Ruhr

A pioneering platform for health innovations

Today Quhr celebrates its official opening ceremony with a handpicked guest list from the healthcare industry, technology experts and decision makers from the Ruhr region. Quhr is a pioneering healthcare innovation initiative by Medecon Ruhr and Meerkat and aims to foster collaboration between healthcare and smart health technology to support breakthrough healthcare solutions with startups of the future.

This collaboration aims to help develop innovative technologies, medical approaches and data-driven solutions to optimize patient care and make healthcare services more efficient. Guests included early startups such as portal eins, Atlas medical technologies and Ciromed.

The roundtable discussion moderated by Leif Grundmann on the topic “I think Quhr is good!” enriched the event with statements from a diverse panel of speakers from different perspectives to highlight the importance and positive impact of Quhr for startups, healthcare industry and the region.

All agreed that Quhr will play a significant role in pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation and shaping the future of healthcare delivery. Quhr has the potential to become a beacon in smart health in the region.

The opening of the Quhr Smart Health Hub Ruhr marks a significant milestone on the road to innovative healthcare. For more information about the Hub and its future initiatives, visit the official website at www.quhr.ruhr.

August 2023 – Amelie Holstein