Photo by Lingchor on Unsplash


Meerkats are a symbol of our values. We associate these animals with fundamental values such as partnership, innovation and sustainability, which we define as extremely important to us as a company and which shape our entrepreneurial activities.

Partnership: Meerkats are known for their social structure and cohesion. They embody the spirit of togetherness, teamwork as well as partnership.
Meerkat strives for strong and long-term partnerships.

Innovation: Meerkats are known for their willingness to experiment and their spirit of discovery. These skills enable them to find new ways and solutions to their daily challenges.
Meerkat wants to push boundaries, break new ground and accompany and drive innovation processes.

Sustainability: Meerkats use their resources very efficiently. They are incredibly adaptable. They build underground structures that serve as protection from both heat and cold. They save a lot of energy with their way of building. So they are careful with their resources. In addition, meerkats are part of an ecosystem and have an important role in the food web. Digging holes in the ground, for example, helps create habitats for other species.
Meerkat aims to contribute to a balance between economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability.

Meerkats’ sense of social responsibility, efficient use of resources, and circular thinking can remind us that sustainability is not just a necessity, but must become a natural part of life if we are to act consciously and fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and living creatures.

July 2023 – Amelie Holstein