MedEcon Ruhr Team

MedEcon Ruhr

Meerkat becomes a member of the health industry network

“Each individual is a drop, together we are a sea” (R.Satoro).

MedEcon is the most important network of the healthcare industry in the Metropole Ruhr. Its members come from all areas and sectors of the healthcare industry. This network initiates and accompanies many innovations and has brought new care structures such as the West German teleradiology network “on the road”.

Meerkat has become a member of this network because we believe that new visions and innovations can only succeed in community. We are aware that networks in the healthcare industry will play a decisive role in the selection of our active participations in the future. Smart Health will also always play a central role in meerkat’s activities. Jörg Holstein has been a member of the board of MedEcon Ruhr for many years, combining his activities there with his advisory board function for the Health Campus Bochum agency.

MedEcon Ruhr and meerkat moved into CUBE17, the Smart Health Innovation Center, on the Bochum Health Campus at the beginning of June. The paths for “fast thinking and networking of swarm intelligences” as well as for interdisciplinary exchange are minimal and will be inspiring and enriching for all partners of the CUBE17 tenant community in many ways. We, meerkat, are looking forward to an exciting time with so many innovation drivers:inside under one roof.

August 2022 – Amelie Holstein