v.l.n.r. Ulrike Jackson, Amelie Holstein, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Spieß

ISM Berlin Team

meerkat meets ISM Berlin

f.l.t.r. Ulrike Jackson, Amelie Holstein, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Spieß

meerkat meets ISM Berlin

“The world changes by your example not by your opinion” (Paulo Coelho).

In the beautiful premises of the Kabbalah Center Berlin, I got the opportunity to meet the students of the ISM (International School of Management) Master’s program Sustainability & Business Transformation on 9.6.22 and to participate in the event “Denkräume – ein Austausch zu nachhaltigem Gründen und innovativen Geschäftsmodellen”.

Substantial reorientation in business and society with regard to ecology and social issues make these topics, which have been discussed here, more topical than ever. More and more companies are coming under scrutiny as to how far they take their social responsibility (CSR strategy/ESG’s) seriously in their core business and implement it in an entrepreneurial manner. In this context, transparency in communication plays an increasingly decisive role if one does not want to be tarnished with the taint of “greenwashing”.

Experts from the fields of politics, business, the Berlin start-up scene and civil society met on this day to exchange personal experiences on the topics of sustainable start-ups and innovative business ideas. At the end of the event, ISM’s consulting project with German Railways was presented, which focused on developing a business model for the sustainable use of the Birkenwerder train station in Berlin. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Spieß is the head of this ISM Master program in Berlin. She and the lecturer Ulrike Jackson were the supporters of the students on this day.

I myself was able to contribute to stimulating discussions about the transformations in VISUS Health IT in the area of CSR strategy development and the development of meerkat in the sense of a sustainably operating company as well as initial investments in the area of impact investing. In summary, it can be said that this event was able to represent a successful composition of old and young, of experts and interested parties, of thinkers and doers. All in all, this meeting was a highly exciting and well organized event. We wish all students of this master’s program that they will be able to shape the future with their ideas and visions and change it for the better.

June 2022 – Amelie Holstein