Grow My Tree


Today, as CSR Manager of meerkat Holding, I would like to report on an inspiring meeting with the young start-up GROW MY TREE in Berlin. As I am responsible for selecting potential investments in sustainably operating companies and start-ups, I met with one of the founders, Djiana Galijasevic, in Berlin in November 2021 and talked about the company’s setup so far and its mission and vision.

GROW MY TREE enables companies and private individuals to make a very low-threshold contribution to climate protection by planting trees. In our opinion, planting trees has the potential to make an important contribution to reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions. For us, this is a first, but definitely pioneering step in the right direction. In addition, we see potential in the support of local farmers who, through partner companies of GROW MY TREE, ensure fairer payment and thus also offer local help in the sense of jobs in this area.

Young start-ups need to prepare well for the difficult first few years with detailed business and financial planning. Here, too, the founder was able to convince in the interview. Respect for the courage to launch such a company.

As a private customer, this company could already win us … !

The connection to GROW MY TREE came about through a common contact, namely Julia von Winterfeldt (CEO and founder of SOULWORX) came into being.

We are excited to see how the success story of GROW MY TREE will continue.

December 2021 – Amelie Holstein