Grow My Tree

1 million trees planted

“The breath of the trees gives us life” (Roswitha Bloch).

We look with pride and joy at the terrific development of our first impact investment ‘GROW My TREE’ by ImpactHero GmbH. The whole team has an impressive milestone to celebrate. Since the launch of this young company in 2020, 1 million trees have been planted in the global south with the help of their supporters. Congratulations on this success!

We know that only collective action can have a positive impact on the state of the world. This concerns the ecological, the economic as well as the social area. We are grateful to be able to make a small contribution in this direction. We are guided by the phrase: “What we invest in today will determine the world we live in tomorrow”.

If you’d also like to contribute to planting the next million trees, feel free to take a closer look at the company’s website, It’s so easy and affordable for businesses of all kinds to incorporate tree planting (or plastic collection) into any transaction or contract, or even to give to your employees and customers. No matter what you do, it’s a step that promotes impact. Businesses have the power to be the biggest multipliers of sustainability! Be part of it!!!

If we could arouse your interest, just contact us or the team directly.

August 2022 – Amelie Holstein