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The year 2022 starts with great news regarding the history between meerkat Holding and GROW MY TREE GmbH. We heard about the start-up in mid-2021, and met one of the founders, Dijana Galijasevic, in November of the same year in Berlin.

Today we can report about the collaboration of GROW MY TREE and meerkat Holding. We are now part of the team and Amelie Holstein will support and advise meerkat Holding in the area of CSR/ESG on the company’s advisory board in the future. GROW MY TREE GmbH is an innovative climate-tech company whose work we consider to be extremely meaningful and forward-looking. All of this company’s projects directly support the following SDGs: no poverty, decent work and economic growth, less inequality, living on land, and climate action. To achieve their goals, they work with organizations in the Global South.

We associate impact investing with the fact that we want to invest financially in companies that pursue the improvement of one or more parameters from the SDGs as a firmly anchored goal and thus have a meaningful purpose based on the sustainability aspect in addition to the end in itself of earning money. We are concerned with a balance between return, security, availability and sustainability. For this reason, we also support this company with full conviction.

In addition, we are firmly convinced that we also need a transformation in corporate organizations with regard to the ratio of women to men in management positions, and for this reason, too, we have chosen GROW MY TREE, which is founded and managed by women. There is so much more potential in this young, innovative start-up than has been visible so far. We are looking forward to accompanying the company’s next steps and thus coming a little closer to our own desire to make a contribution to making the world a little “greener.”

Here’s to a successful collaboration with the GROW MY TREE global team!

“We are happy to have an investor such as meerkat Holding joining our venture! Own entrepreneurs themselves know what it means to build up a company from scratch with a long-term focus. We wish to have a long-term vision as a company, which stays relevant in the competitive market, yet pursues purpose and responsibility! Furthermore, we are grateful to have Amelie Holstein joining our advisory board for ESG related topics. Amelie herself has experienced a company going through the ESG process and very well understands the legal requirements and pain points for companies in trying to achieve these and report their impact. Therefore, she can enable us to improve as an ESG plus SDG solution provider.” – Grow My Tree Team

February 2022 – Amelie Holstein