CUBE17 Pippi Langstrumpf

CUBE17 PippiLangstrumpf


The place to be in Bochum

„People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the thing catches on“ (Mark Twain)

CUBE17 will be a think tank for innovation-driven companies, start-ups and all the people who want to advance the topic of Smart Health. Meerkat is there! The common thread among all the resident companies at CUBE17 is their focus on improving health, and doing so with the help of the latest technologies and a cumulative expertise from a wide range of Smart Health fields.

CUBE17 is the result of the jointly developed umbrella brand and will serve in the future as a flagship for topics related to Smart Health in the region.

CUBE17 is the new place and house for collaboration in Bochum. With the support of innovation consultant Jens Wiemann from Hamburg, we as tenants succeeded in translating jointly developed basic attitudes, values, visions and mission into a great interior and exterior design of the office complex. For example, we selected personalities from various areas of public life to decorate the stairwell in the building as a symbol of our values and attitudes, making them visible to all. Stories that we associate with these personalities can be read via a QR code. The umbrella brand CUBE with the house number 17 is explained by the cubic shape of the building and the house number 17. QR codes in themselves are cubic and today a common sign of digitalization. For this reason, the entire staircase is designed as a continuous QR code over 4 floors.

CUBE17 sees itself precisely also as a place for digitalization in healthcare. So everything becomes one shoe. Inner values and attitudes and outer appearance as a coherent concept. Feel free to come by and check it out in person. There is a lot to discover.

September 2022 – Amelie Holstein


„Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat“ (Mark Twain)