CUBE17 aus der Luft

CUBE17 aus der Luft

CUBE17 opens the doors …

Photo: J. Sundermeier

CUBE17 opens the doors … for bundled innovative power and visions of the future

“If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t be surprised if you end up somewhere else entirely” (M. Twain).

The tenants and partners of the new ‘Smart Health Innovation Center’ on the Health Campus in Bochum have a completely different approach. Because the name says it all. Digital and data-based innovations play a decisive role in healthcare. The tenants and partners of CUBE17 want to take this into account and have identified ‘Smart Health’ as a common focus.
This process was supported by the Health Campus agency and also fits perfectly with the current focus of MedEcon Ruhr, which has now also moved in.

It is fair to say that concentrated know-how of the healthcare industry is gathered here, such as KAIROS, an IQVIA company that turns data into knowledge. CompuGroup Medical, which offers medical software solutions for all sectors, and SNAP, a tech company specializing in AI. Nordic Netcare, which focuses on digital health applications, and last but not least meerkat, which supports and connects entrepreneurs with its network and expertise in the field of health IT. In addition, meerkat has active investments in these and other areas.

What they all have in common are visions of the future that they want to develop further here at CUBE17.

A successful project for a modern building

The modern office building was built on time and on budget by the Freundlieb company from Dortmund as general contractor. A pleasing fact that not everyone can say about their building project. The striking, cubic architecture was designed by the Bahl architects from Hagen. Project management for the client was successfully handled by Facility Management Bochum VP GmbH throughout the planning and construction phases. The most important financing partner for the project is the National Bank.

The building has excellent technical equipment and sustainable geothermal air conditioning with concrete core activation. The internal structure was designed for extremely flexible use. The design and furnishings reflect the welcoming culture and the networking ideas of the tenants and partners in an elegant and consistent manner.

We thank all our supporters and look forward to a great CUBE17 community!

May 2022 – Amelie Holstein

Wer nicht weiß, wohin er will, der darf sich nicht wundern, wenn er ganz woanders ankommt – M. Twain