Impact Investing

“He who always does what he already knows how to do, always remains what he already is” (H. Ford).

We support business ideas whose social impact we believe in. This is also the case with this young company GmbH, based in Aachen, Germany, which is engaged in the development of innovative technologies and agricultural processes. One of the company’s goals is to help farmers increase their efficiency and reduce the amount of natural resources – water, land and energy – needed to meet the world’s demand for food, fuel and fiber.

Specifically, is an electrochemical solution to replace chemical herbicides. The innovative process combines non-toxic, conductive liquids and low-voltage electrical machinery to create an effective combination for weed control.

In this way, they set new standards for improved environmental quality and make an important contribution to making our planet more ‘grandchild-friendly’. We wish the company every success in this endeavor!

June 2022 – Amelie Holstein