Corporate Social Responsibility

CUBE17 Insect Paradise
CUBE17 Insect Paradise

We are deeply convinced that human beings need a meaningful task to develop their full potential. In our view, PURPOSE is not the result of successful work and business, but its foundation. In our eyes, creating value together is not contradictory to economic profitability. Sustainable management is not at odds with financial success. Meerkat would like to connect with other companies to whom this aspect is important. We want to win business partners and enter new business sectors that are on the way to intelligently and meaningfully linking the areas of economy, ecology and social issues.

It is important to us to establish the CSR strategy with clear reference to our business processes. The CSR strategy serves as a guard rail for our business decisions. For us, this means always ensuring a balance between economy, ecology and social issues. We want to implement our sustainability targets resolutely but also – if necessary – make corrections. We are aware that we are only at the beginning. But we are setting out to make a meaningful contribution in the area of CSR as a company.

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