Breathment Team

Breathment Team


Impact Investing

“Breathing is important. Everything else has time.” (Mika Gustavson)

Breathment is a young software company in Health IT that has developed web-based and mobile software that enables healthcare professionals in the field of respiratory physiotherapy and rehabilitation to combine their own training methods with artificial intelligence and offer personalized, hybrid and digital training options to their patients.

In doing so, they pursue the mission of freeing up healthcare professionals to provide better care to those in need. The Breathment team’s vision is to drive digital transformation in healthcare and provide it with cutting-edge technologies now and in the future.

In our investments, we ensure that our business partners operate in a mindful and sustainable manner, actively “live” shared values, and add value to society through their thoughts and actions. The spirit of the young company, the business idea and its initial implementation convinced us and prompted us to invest in the company.

In our opinion, Breathment can make a meaningful contribution to achieving our sustainability goals, which we have formulated in our CSR Strategy 2023.

January 2023 – Amelie Holstein


Breathing is important. Everything else has time. (Mika Gustavson)